There is a chance that you will ask this specific question: What is the pricing? I will answer your question a little later below.


As early as back in the 1980s, I was gaining my first experience as a translator and/or interpreter.

For those past three decades I have been trying to serve my clients as best I am able to. And I do want to serve you the same way.

Over the years, I have been gathering testimonials. From Poland and abroad. There is a whole thick binder of them. And there are more and more testimonials.


Here are some examples:

…Due to the high organizational requirements, our staff speak foreign languages.

 Nevertheless, we use services of translators from time to time. One of them is Maciej Stanisław Śpiewak, who has been known to us personally since 1991. Mr Śpiewak’s activity as a translator is necessary, reasonable and professional, and on this basis we give him our recommendation and wish him success in his work for the European Union.

Agryf S.A


For our Office Mr. Maciej Śpiewak has translated materials related to international arbitration proceedings conducted in cases concerning investments of the Maritime Office in Szczecin (including but not limited to: certified translation of a construction log, translation of expert opinions).

The Maritime Office in Szczecin has also used his services to have information on new types of river bank reinforcements translated and to provide certified translation of spatial planning materials.

In 2009, Mr. Śpiewak also translated documentation related to the EU project “European Territorial Cooperation”.

The translations prepared by Mr. Maciej Śpiewak have always been reliable and delivered on time.

Maritime Office in Szczecin


As part of his business activity, since April 1999 Mr. Maciej Śpiewak – a sworn English translator of and a technical German translator – has been providing translation and/or interpreting services to the “Warka” Breweries

The cooperation between Mr. Śpiewak and the “Warka” Breweries is positive and all orders are executed on agreed dates.

Warka Breweries


I hereby confirm that, in the period from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2010, Mr.  Maciej Śpiewak provided translation services in the following language pairs for the Marshal’s Office of the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship.: English-Polish, Polish-English.



We have been using the company P.W. Maks for about ten years for the translation of, in particular, technical language in the form of user’s manuals, operator guides etc. On our behalf, the company has made translations from English or Danish into many different languages and we have never received/experienced any complaints as to the quality of their work.

They do almost any languages and we just mail them our text and they will make us an offer for the translation within shortly, and at fair price.

For these reasons, we can warmly recommend P. W. Maks / Maciej Śpiewak.

A Danish plc


Hiermit bestätigen wir, dass Herr Maciej Spiewak von Firma PW. MAKS, ul. Szczecińska 1L/3 in 72-003 Dobra/Polen für unser Unternehmen zahlreiche Übersetzungen vom Deutschen ins Polnische durchgeführt hat.

Bei diesen Übersetzungen handelte es sich vorwiegend um technische Dokumentationen, Betriebsanleitungen, Ersatzteillisten und Wartungsanleitungen für Maschinen zur 1 Holzbearbeitung wie Kreissägen, Hobelmaschinen, Schleifmaschinen, Pressen, Profilieranlagen und Lackieranlagen.

Wir und unsere polnischen Kunden waren mit den Übersetzungen von Herrn Maciej Spiewak stets sehr zufrieden.

Kraft, Deutschland

Please become my client, let me serve you. I want your satisfaction. And then I trust that you will find pleasure in giving your opinion on my performance.


I will personally do translations for you from English into Polish and vice versa. The translations may be ordinary and/or certified.


As far as other languages are concerned, I have for you, at your disposal, a wide range of reliable, talented, expert translators. Myself and my Polish sworn translators are inspected by the competent unit of the Voivode that has the jurisdiction over the relevant translator’s office.

Each of us has an unblemished reputation.

As far as regular translators are concerned, I have their professionalism, punctuality and loyalty verified.


You surely have noticed that we translate all the languages of the world. Yes. My foreign translators represent all the nations in the world.

They are at your disposal.

Teamed up, we will provide you with a translation in any language of the world. The group of translators consists of hundreds of people. Thanks to that we are able to do large translations for you. Please state the volume, see by yourself if I will take up the the contact page →


Confidentiality. It is important for you, isn’t it?

If you wish, I shall sign a confidentiality agreement with you.


Owing to the motley group of the above mentioned translators, I will undertake translations for you in many fields. Law, business, shipbuilding, woodworking, machinery and production lines are just a few examples. Can I perform successfully in your field? Please the contact page →


Working hours: Basically 24 hours a day; of course I need to sleep, so I don’t usually answer the phone between 1 am and 7 am. So between 1 am and 7 am please use other forms of communication straightaway.

I have my smartphone with me all the time, I control my business with it, I receive enquiries, I accept orders and I subcontract them to my peers.


You can submit materials for quotation/translation in the form of i.a. the following files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, RTF, PDF, photos from your mobile phone, scans, originals and/or hard copies.

Do you want to have the original layout preserved? Good. We shall do this.

If, as a result of your order, a paper document is produced, you can order its delivery on terms and conditions to be agreed upon.

Otherwise, we shall send the document by the registered mail or by a courier. Is it going to cost you extra monies? Please make contact with me, we will sure come to terms. to the contact page →


If you do translations by yourself and you are strong in your field of interest, that’s great.

Just think, the “doctor of medicine” profession doesn’t mean that they are omniscient, does it? Likewise, the translator does not have all-embracing knowledge on anything. So… let’s cooperate, let’s combine our skills. We shall serve you with our resources, so support us with your field knowledge, and together we will produce excellent translations to your satisfaction. By the way, we will further enhance our skills and you will have confidence in us in terms of competence. Is there anything else you are interested in this regard? to the contact page →


What’s more, you can be our field consultant, please apply now, state your expertise. I do not want to promise anything more than that I will keep you in my database. to the contact page →


Or, maybe, because of your job responsibilities you are translating by yourself and oftentimes you are chasing your tail, there are too many translations? Let’s find a way out together. Would you like to talk about it? to the contact page→


The way of service. At my organisation, you are not going to be faced up with a complex organizational structure, which may elegantly put you away from me. You might have experienced these behaviours:

“The director is absent from work today.”

“Mr. President is having a meeting.”

“I have no authority to negotiate anything.”

“You talked to my colleague, I don’t know the matter.”

And so on and so forth.


From the very beginning, I have always been the sole owner of my translation and interpreting business. I manage it, I am responsible for orders, quality, generally for all business activities. With all my assets. Do you know, what this means? I do not want any troubles, complaints. Therefore, I shall try to satisfy you with my service, I shall take you seriously, I am personally responsible. You are going to contact the owner. You are going to negotiate with the owner, demand from the owner. As simple as that. Do you want to ask a question in this respect? to the contact page →

A summary for you


  • Over 30 years of the tradition in translations and/or interpreting;
  • Numerous references;
  • All World’s languages;
  • A great number of translators at your disposal;
  • The possibility of having very extensive materials translated;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Many fields of interest;
  • Office hours 24 hours a day;
  • Any format of materials to be translated;
  • Instant jobs;
  • Flexibility in serving translated documents upon end-users;
  • The option of expert cooperation with you personally;
  • Direct communication with me, the owner.


Have I omitted something or do you need more knowledge, more arguments?
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Now. What about the pricing?

Look, there are countless fields, there is quite a number of languages; is it so that the pace of life forces us to translate at a regular pace, fast, very fast, even faster, up to instant jobs? Document format, complexity of layout, tables, illustrations, conversions, DTP… all this influences the pricing element in the translation activity. I put forward such a fair solution: Please share your input material for translation with me. And please let me provide you with a clear, binding offer. You will know in advance the cost, which is fixed. Are you ready? So steady, go… I look forward to communications from you. to the contact page →


If you have arrived here, thank you for your time.


But it’s not over yet…

What else can I do for you?


Please take fair advantage of my knowledge in other fields, benefit my proven contacts in Poland, especially in the field of law and taxes.

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But it’s not over yet!


If you do not want to send in an enquiry, if you do not want to benefit from my services at the moment, please inform others that I am here, I translate personally, organize translations, share my knowledge.

Thank you..




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